The understanding of gene regulation in human demands the construction of an accurate and comprehensive network of transcriptional regulation interactions. Collecting such information, however, is an intimidating task that involves time-consuming biomedical literature curation by experts. Although there are some databases aimed to the collection of data on gene regulation, they often do not provide an open-access and user-friendly access to all available data.

The Human Transcriptional Regulation Interactions database (HTRIdb) has been constructed to be an open-access and user-friendly database from which data on regulatory interactions among human transcription factors (TFs) and their respective target genes can be easily extracted and then used, among other purposes, for building a global or a biological process-specific network of human transcriptional regulation interactions.

HTRIdb is a repository of experimentally verified interactions among human TFs and their respective target genes that contains the following information for each regulatory interaction:

- Official gene symbols and GeneIDs for the TF-encoding gene and target gene as provided;

- Link to the NCBI Entrez Gene's standard gene-specific report page for the TF- encoding gene and target gene;

- Experimental technique(s) used to discover the interaction and link(s) to the Pubmed abstract(s) of research article(s) reporting the interaction.

As the biomedical literature is updated daily with many research articles reporting new human transcriptional regulation interactions, we encourage researchers involved in such studies to submit their findings through the "Upload data" page for keeping the HTRIdb always up-to-date.


Dr. Ney Lemke (Supervisor)1
Dr. Marcio L. Acencio (Idealizer and Scientific Curator)1
Luiz A. Bovolenta (Developer)1
MSc. Osvaldo C. P. de Almeida (Technical Assistance)2

1 Departamento de Física e Biofísica at Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP, Brazil);
2 Faculdade de Tecnologia de Botucatu (FATEC, Brazil);

If you use HTRIdb, please cite:

Bovolenta, L. A.; Acencio, M. L.; Lemke, N. HTRIdb: an open-access database for experimentally verified human transcriptional regulation interactions. BMC Genomics, v.13, p.405, 2012